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Summer BBQ Tips from our Expert Chef!

Burgers on the grill

Summer calls for barbecuing.  With the beautiful, warm weather we can’t bear the thought of being stuck inside, no matter how much the AC is blasting.  Grilling burgers might seem like a basic task, but we’ve got a few tips from our expert Chef Ivy Stark that will make your burgers taste extra juicy this summer!

1.) The most important grilling tip is choosing the right meat.  Remember: fat = flavor and juiciness. Don’t shy away from it. Chef Ivy says, “if you go with lean ground beef, you will most likely end up with a hockey puck,” so in order to avoid such a disaster, ask your butcher for a blend that is at least 20% fat, or grind your own meat in a food processor by cutting fresh chuck (not trimmed of course) into strips and processing it to get the best results.

2.) Be gentle when forming your patties and generous with your seasoning. Experiment with kosher or sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and see what tastes best for your palette.

3.) Make sure to use a hot fire with your grill and cook your burgers quickly. Also, try to avoid pressing on the meat and flipping it more than once – that tends to drain out the juice that is essential for every good burger!

4.) A burger is not complete without a bun.  Buns come in a variety of types, so choose your favorite to go with that delicious patty you just cooked on the grill. Chef Ivy’s personal favorite are soft sesame buns, but brioche, onion, poppy and even pretzel rolls are also great choices.

What are you waiting for – start grilling like a pro! If you want to leave the heavy lifting to us and just enjoy a delicious burger this summer, we’ve got you covered – just stop on by and leave the grilling to us!